Spinal physiotherapy with a spinal disorder specialist

Spinal physiotherapist Sabine Bianca Hasselberg offers a wide range of treatment

Do you want to build up strength and improve your work-life balance starting with a healthy back?

As a reliable and experienced physiotherapist, I treat functional spinal disorders and provide expert support to help you on your way to a strong and healthy back. I work together with you to give you advice and develop long-term solutions to keep your spine and back permanently pain-free.

Diagnostics and assessment
An in-depth understanding of the functional disorder and its causal connections is achieved through extensive physiotherapeutic examination, intensive listening and targeted questioning.

I analyse the current condition of your spine from a physiotherapeutic perspective to detect both functional and subjective spinal imbalances.

Physiotherapy plan
A clear and comprehensible plan that is focussed on the most important thing – the treatment of your spine. As patient and client, you are the focus. This means you are closely involved in developing the treatment plan and any necessary changes on your journey to a pain-free back. Together we discuss the goals you want to achieve.

Freedom from pain, fun treatment sessions in English or German, support, and understandable physiotherapy all increase patients’ motivation and acceptance.